I’m Mark Shaw, the former UK Leading authority on Twitter & social media, author, speaker, trainer & consultant. Founder of spotaguest, Podcast Host, award winning salesmen & winner of the 40yd dash at Butlins 1971.

From 2008-2018 I went from invisible to being highly visible & one of the UK’s leading authorities on Twitter & social media with zero budget. For 10+ Years I was Trusted by the BBC, Sky News, journalists & businesses as one of their go to guys on all things Twitter & social media.

I’ve done 230+ TV & Radio interviews, written a book, spoken on a Royal Caribbbean Cruise ship, at the Saatchi Gallery, the G-Mex Centre, The Armadillo, the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao & a ton of other great venues to thousands of business folk. I’ve trained hundreds of business owners on how to be effective & get more business with Twitter & social media. Over the years I’ve been quoted in a ton of national newspapers, contributed to loads of articles & even guested on a fair few Podcasts.

Currently I’m the Founder of spotaguest.com Connecting Podcasters to Guests & Wanna be Guests to Podcasters.