About Mark Shaw

I’m an NFT Enthusiast. I’m currently learning, reading and immersing myself into the crazy & cool NFT world. Get my FREE 10page NFT Beginners Guide. No email address Needed. You will learn, what an NFT is, how to buy your first NFT, How to sell your first NFT and ideas on how to sell more NFT’s.

I noticed that most of the NFT info was aimed at techies, geeks and nerds. I’m none of those. I’m middle aged and so I wanted to write a guide that explained all this NFT stuff in a super simple, non techie way. I wanted to write something that if your Grandma read it would be able to understand all about NFT’s.

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Check out @markshaw on Twitter I post regularly there videos, advice, ideas and info on how to sell more of your nfts by utilising Twitter.

From 2008-2018 were my best years. During that time I went from being completely invisible to being one of the Uk’s leading authorities on Twitter. During that time, I spoke at some incredible venues, did well over 230+ Radio & TV interviews, trusted by the BBC & Sky News as well as many other Journalists as a go to guy on all things Twitter, trained & advised hundreds of business owners & staff, authored a book, appeared on tons of Podcasts as an expert guest & was regularly quoted in the media for my expert opinions on all things Twitter related..

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What I really enjoy is travelling and as soon as the world gets back to some sort of normality whenever that is, then I’ll be planning my next big travel adventure. I’d love to see more of Thailand, India & Vietnam. I’d also love to go on a Safari, see more of the Seven Wonders of The World, perhaps visit the Galapagos Islands and wait for it, even a visit to the North Pole. Not sure why, but I’ve always fancied it.