About Mark Shaw

Former UK leading authority on Twitter, author, speaker, trainer and consultant. Powered by almond croissants & Haribo Tangfastics. Looking to travel a lot more.

From 2008-2018 were my best years. During that time I went from being completely invisible to being one of the Uk’s leading authorities on Twitter. During that time, I spoke at some incredible venues, did well over 230+ Radio & TV interviews, trusted by the BBC & Sky News as well as many other Journalists as a go to guy on all things Twitter, trained & advised hundreds of business owners & staff, authored a book, appeared on tons of Podcasts as an expert guest & was regularly quoted in the media for my expert opinions on all things Twitter related..

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What I really enjoy is travelling. I’d love to go on a Safari, see more of the Seven Wonders of The World, perhaps visit the Galapagos Islands and wait for it, even a visit to the North Pole. Not sure why, but I’ve always fancied it.