About Mark Shaw

Over the years, Twitter & Social Media was my thing. I’ve done well over 230+ Radio & TV Interviews, I wrote a book (Its well out of date now, but I still get a few royalties) I’ve spoken on a Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship, at the Saatchi Gallery, G-Mex Centre, The Armadillo, Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao & a ton of other great venues to thousands of business owners.

I’ve trained hundreds on how to be effective with Twitter & social media. I’ve been quoted in a ton of local & national newspapers, done loads of Podcasts as a guest, Done well over 500+ live video shows on Periscope the Twitter owner App. I have also won awards as a top salesmen in both estate agency & medical sales.

What I really enjoy though is travel and as soon as the world gets back to some sort of normality whatever that is, then I’ll be planning my next big travel adventure. I’d love to see more of Thailand, Vietnam & India. I’d also love to go on a Safari, perhaps get to the Galapagos and wait for it, even a visit to the North Pole. Not sure why but I’ve always fancied it.