1 Huge mistake to avoid when being an expert guest on the radio

The reason you’re on the radio as an expert guest is to answer questions, demonstrate your knowledge around your area of expertise.

However, its all too easy for the radio presenter to get you answering all sorts of things, to take you down all sorts of rabbit holes, to get you talking about all sorts of topics.

Thats not what you’re there for. You wont benefit one bit from answering questions that have nothing to do with your area of expertise. You need to make it very clear that you’re not there to chat about those things & this is what you’re here to talk about.

I did many interviews, where the host asked me all sorts of questions which had nothing to do with my area of expertise. I made it very clear, right away, thats not what I was there for, this is what I was brought in for & thats what I’m here to talk about.

All done in a confident, not rude or aggressive way.

Its your job to keep the interview on track, to keep it on topic. Otherwise frankly, there is no point on being on the show.

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