10 Tips for a great radio interview as an expert guest

Being an expert guest on the radio should form part of your marketing strategy. It will get you more visibility, more credibility, more exposure which should lead you to get more clients & business opportunities.

Here are 10 tips for you to get the most benefit from doing a radio interview.

Prepare. Most folk think they can just wing it.

Dont Waffle, radio is not a place for long winded stories

Get to point fast, prepare bullit points of your answers

Be opinionated, after all you’re there because you’re the expert

Dont be a monotone Mike or a Boring Brian.

Stop trying to non stop promote your book

Make sure your online presence stuff is up to date & looking professional

Dont be frightened to steer the conversation & bring it back on track

Have solutions & ideas as well as what the problems are

Keep things simple..

Over the years I’ve done well over 230+ radio interviews. It was fab at getting me tons of clients & business opportunities.

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