7 things expert radio guests to do screw up their interview.

Being an expert guest on a radio show is an incredible way to get more visibility, more credibility, more exposure which should lead to more customers, more clients and even better paying clients.

I should know, I’ve done well over 230+ expert guest interviews on the radio and it was a huge factor in promoting me and my business and yes.. I definitely got more clients and better paying clients.

Here are 7 things that people do that screws up your expert radio guest interview.

> You dont take it seriously, so dont prepare

> You think you can just wing it, after all its only 3-5 mins

> You love a good waffle & take ages to get to the point

> Frankly, you’re boring, you sound like you just woke up

> You’re not making things simple

> You’re not giving any solutions.

> You’re not opinionated You’re supposed to be the expert..

If you want to do more expert radio interviews AND you want to get the max out of them, then maybe its time to hire someone who gets it, has done over 230 & in 30mins will make sure you get it too.

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