Advice on being an expert guest on radio shows.

I work with business owners (authors, coaches, trainers, leaders, experts, speakers, etc..) who want to get more exposure for their business by being an expert guest on the radio. All of these business owners know that they’re offering a great product or service but have a lack of clients and so are looking for different ways to promote themselves.

Being an expert guest on a radio show is fantastic for getting you tons more exposure, tons more visibility & tons more credibility. It will also allow you to demonstrate your expertise & knowledge. Its free marketing for you that can be done from your home

Which means if done well you’ll attract more clients & better paying clients…Kerching…..

Over the years I’ve done well over 230+ interviews on the radio as an expert. It formed the backbone of the marketing for my business. It was part of the reason I got better quality clients who paid me higher fees..

But, there are things to learn about being a radio show guest. You need to understand how the process works, major do’s and dont’s, some really common mistakes to avoid, how to get more interviews & how to make the most of the Interview.

All this with a view to get you more gigs & get you more clients. In 30Mins, you’ll get all the answers you need. We do this via Zoom.

The cost £95.. That’s it.. Paid via PayPal. This is an introductory price.

You wont find a better expert out there. I’ve done 230+ interviews. I get it and after just 30Mins, you’ll get it too.

Contact me for Info & to get started..