Are you a budding author.

You’re just about to write that book, Just about to hit publish, and then what?

How are you going to market your book? How are you going to get more people to hear about your book?

One huge way is to get interviews on the radio as a guest expert.

On the radio you can share your knowledge, your expertise, you opinions & ideas.

But what you cant do is go on and simply promote your book. Thats a commercial & no radio station will have you on to do that.

If you want to learn how to get more expert guest interviews, major do’s & dont’s, common mistakes to avoid & how to really get the max benefits from being an expert guest, I’m your guy.

I’ve done well over 230+ radio interviews & this formed the backbone of my getting clients, better paying clients & business opportunities.

30Mins & £95 is all you need to get it.

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