Get more guest appearances on Podcasts

Its very valuable to you and your business to get more guest appearances on Podcasts. Being a guest gives you more visibility, more credibility and more exposure. Over the years, I’ve done tons of being a guest on other peoples Podcasts. Without doubt there are some key things that you need to do to give yourself the very best chances of getting that guest appearance.

The key thing you need to be doing to get more guest apearances on Podcasts is to be very very specific on exactly what sort of show you want to be on. Most of you are too wooly. You neeed to give reasons why you are the perfect Podcast guest for them, you need to listen to their Podcast show and learn about their style and format, is it a good fit for your style?

Contact the Podcast host and tell them about a specific episode you listened to and perhaps offer a new perspective on that particular topic or theme. Also, if you know any of the other guests a Podcaster has had on their show, why not ask them to refer & recommend you & contact that Podcast host for you.

You need to tell them whats in it for them and more importantly whats in it for their listeners, thats thet key. Frankly, they dont care about you, your book or your job. What every Podcast Host cares about are their listeners. Whats going to make for an excellent show that their listeners are going to love. What do you bring to the party that helps them achieve that?

How to start a Podcast for no money.

It seems 2020 is the year that everyone and their aunties are starting a Podcast. But can you start a Podcast with no money. The answer is a massive yes. It may not be the very best sound quality, but you can certainly start a Podcast for no cost. Here’s what you can do.

You can simply use your iPhone and iPhone headset with Mic. You need to record into the Voice Memo on your Phone. I have been doing this for ages. It works really well and the sound quality is acceptable, not brilliant but acceptable.

Once you have your audio recording on your phone, my advice is to email it to yourself so you can save it to your PC. Next, you want to upload that audio file to who will host your audio files for you. They will also distribute your Podcast to 9 or so different Podcast directories including Apple Podcasts.

With which is owned by Spotify, you can set yourself up an account all for free. You’ll need some artwork for the Podcast cover. Easy, zoom over to and create something yourself. You’ll need it to be a specific size 3000 x 3000px. Apple Podcasts are very very specific with the dimensions for your Podcast artwork cover.

You now need to upload the artwork, you can use Canva which is free and the audio files to and you’re good to go. You now have a fully working Podcast. Every time you make a new audio recording, you will simply upload it to who will do the magic of distribution for you. They also give you embed codes and links to use on all your marketing.

Remember, I was not editing anything. I had No trailers, no music, no guests, just me and my iPhone & recording into voice memo (presumably Android phones have a similar voice memo feature) There is free software to do editing, Audacity, Garageband but for me they were too tricky to use.

This is exactly what I did for many years and still do. The only difference now is that I use a professional awesome editing site called alitu (aff link) which makes the editing remarkably easy & simple. Its an online service. In literally minutes they will clean up your audio, equalise the sound, allow you to add intros, outros, music, fades which makes the whole thing sound like a million dollars. If you want your Podcast to sound like a million dollars and not waste hours of time editing it, then Check out alitu (aff link) It even has a 7 day free trial to see if you like it.

Tips on being a great Podcast Guest

Tips on being an awesome Podcast Guest.. Beforehand listen to a few episodes of the show. Get to know the host, the format, the hosts style, the show length & ultimately who is the show aimed at?

Being a Podcast guest means you can do the interview in your lounge, but you must have great sound quality. Some may also film you for their Youtube channel. Be prepared. Look professional. Find out beforehand whether its sound only or sound & video.

Over the years, I have done bucket loads of being a guest. I have done them all with my iPhone headset with Mic. Most are done over Skype, Zoom or recording service like Squadcast or Zencastr. If you want to invest in some professional headphones that’s cool. It goes without saying that you need a great internet connection, and to be free from distractions from others & your phone etc..

Make notes on important points you want to chat about, write down links to your products, services that you offer & where to find you. You’ll be amazed how easy it is for your mind to go blank on these things. After the interview, most hosts will ask you for a photo, bio and blurb about you for the marketing & promotion.

When the show is launched, the host will provide you with the links that you need to share the episode. Have fun & enjoy yourself.

Stop waiting to be asked to be a Podcast Guest.

The number one reason why most of you are not getting more exposure, more visibility for your business by being a guest on a Podcast is.. You’re waiting to be asked.. Far too many of you have expertise, knowledge, opinions, ideas & great stories to share..

But. You’re sitting around waiting to be asked. You need to stop that. And stop that today. Take back control. is a totally FREE service connecting Podcast hosts to guests & wanna be guests to hosts. There’s hundreds of hosts looking right now for guests. That’s a massive opportunity for many of you.

Stop waiting to be asked. Register today for free and join the thriving community. See a Podcast you fancy being on & meet their criteria. You can then contact that Podcast Host directly. Hundreds of Podcast Hosts & Guests are connecting each day. Join thousands of other Podcasters & wanna be guests already registered. Register here: & it’s totally free..

Why bother being a Podcast Guest?

Why bother being a guest on other people’s podcasts? You’ll reach a totally audience with your views, ideas, opinions whilst demonstrating your expertise & knowledge. Becoming a guest on a podcast can also help humanize you, by giving you or your brand a voice that people can actually here.

Just talking about your brand or business can help your audience become more familiar with who you are. There’s no real equipment to get as a guest. I’ve done many interviews with my iPhone headset Mic. You can be a guest on a Podcast whilst sitting in your lounge with your pyjamas on.

At the end of the show, there may well be lots of great content that you & the host can share. Podcasts are often turned into videos and a transcript done of the interview. Guesting on other podcasts will often open up new opportunities to guest more, perhaps collaborations, speaking opportunities & maybe a webinar.

Podcast shows stick around for ages. As the host gets new listeners your evergreen interview will get played. Over the years I’ve been a guest on tons of Podcasts. It’s certainly helped me get more visibility, more credibility, more exposure which has certainly led to more paying clients. But. How do you find Podcast Hosts looking for guests? That’s easy… Totally FREE service connecting Podcast hosts to guests..