Whats me wanting a haircut got to do with business

Lessons I’ve Learnt. Whats me wanting a haircut got to do with business. Read on & I’ll tell you.

I was in Florida a few years ago. I wanted a hair cut. Take one look at my hair, its a simple zero with the clippers. Nothing tricky or fancy. Usally takes 5-10 mins max.

I walked into a local hairdressers. They were empty. Can I have a haircut please, sure, first you need to register.

We cant give you a haircut without registering. Ok, I said, register me

Name. Address, were easy. Then home phone number. I’m renting a house, I dont have a home phone number. What about my mobile? Is it US? No. Its Uk, sorry thats no good

Sorry without a home phone number we cant register you & give you a haircut.

Eventually, another member of staff had to use their home phone number to get me registered. I got my haircut.

What a load of nonsense.

I get it, some marketing expert has told them to build up a mailing list of customers, a way to keep in touch with them. Thats a great idea.

But, tech had gone wrong, tech was making them look stupid, tech was geting in the way of their business. Yes, tech can be great, but it can also ruin your business.

What have mushrooms got to do with business. Read on & I’ll tell you

I’m currently away in Southern Spain, I dont care Mark, get on with the lesson you’ve learnt..

I visited a cafe as you do. English Brekkie please.

The next day I returned to the same cafe. As I made my order, English brekkie, she said ” I noticed yesterday, that you did not eat any of the mushrooms Shall I give you extra tomatoes instead”

Wow. I’d only been in there once. She has actually taken note of what I’d had, noticed what I did not like & offered a really good idea.

This to me was a wow moment. Totally unexpected & made her stand out in a sea of other cafes. A simple thing like that, Remembering what I’d had & what I did not like.

There’s a huge lesson here for me & you. Business is tough, customers are hard to come by. What can you do today that makes them feel special, makes them feel like you really care & personalises the service?

Its so often something small, simple & costs nothing that can achieve these things. And the best bit, is what happens afterwards. I’ve been telling everyone to go there. Thats the power of wowing your customers.