Sell more NFTs with these Twitter tips.

Here are some Twitter tips to help you sell more NFTS’s. I get it, its tough to get noticed, its tough to get seen, Its tough to sell your NFT artwork. You can waste hours of your time getting no where. So, Here are some tips and advice that you can action immediately that will really help you.

Be Committed. You have to get the basics right. You would not open a shop and then leave the lights off, or have no stock to show others. You must set up your Twitter account to look as though you’re open. Add a bio photo, a written bio, your links to buy your art.

You also need to understand what being committed means as far as Twitter is concerned. You cant just turn up when you want to sell something. You cant just turn up and make a few tweets and expect to sell anything. It does not work like that. To make Twitter work for you, you need to want to do it. If you feel like Twitter is a chore, then Twitter is probably not for you.

Be Consistent. You need to show up on a very regular basis. A few tweets now and then, won’t produce anything. Consistency means showing up pretty much every day. The most successful folks on Twitter show up on Twitter come rain or shine.

Be Interesting. Too many NFT artists simply tweet buy my stuff. Frankly that aint interesting. You need to share more about you, your ideas, your vision, why you’re an artist, how you started, where you live, why you’re doing it and so on. People love to hear stories about others. Share photos of where you live, work, how you do your artwork, what selling a piece of art does for you and your family. Be more interesting..

Be Interested. People love to talk about themselves which is great, but spend time as well being interested in others. Ask them questions, have a chat with others, engage with others, share things with others, be interested in other peoples works of art.

Be Patient & Play the Long game. You cant just turn up and sell stuff. You need to be patient, It takes time. If you need sales today, and you’ve not been active on Twitter for some time, many of you are probably wasting your time.

Be Memorable. Sadly, too many people on Twitter are forgettable. They live in the sea of sameness. You need to be memorable, try and differentiate yourself from others. This can be done in what you talk about, what you share, being funny, being inspirational, sharing what you’ve had to overcome.

Be collaborative. Its tough doing all this on your own. Find others you can refer to, work with, share ideas with, refer their work, retweet and support each other. Yes, this takes time, it takes getting to know others.

Be Known, Like & Trusted. This is what you’re after. Being known and remembered for you and your style of work. Becoming liked & trusted by others. Again this takes time, and wont happen overnight. This goes back to being consistent and committed. You want to help others, support others, retweet and share others. This helps you to stand out and be liked. If no one is referring you and looking out for you, then you need to ask why?

Utilise Twitter to the Max. There’s a ton of opportunities on Twitter. You could start a Twitter Space. Its an audio on Twitter. Invite folks to hear you chat about your art, or anything else.. Helps to build up your visibility and credibility. Its also a great way to build up trust..

You could start a Twitter Chat. Invite guests to join you. You could do a weekly Twitter chat.

Twitter lists. Start a Twitter list and add all the members of your community into it. You can then create a search column and then see those folks and engage with them, share & retweet them and support them.

Twitter Giveaways. These seem to be very popular. Find others to do them for you, perhaps collaborate with others and do one for each other. If you find someone to do a giveaway for you, then a good idea is to reply to all of the people who replied to that post. Engage with them, helps to build trust.

Twitter Live. Twitter has a live video option. This is perfect for helping you to build credibility and trust. Share with them more about who you are, where you are, why you’re doing what you do, your vision, your ideas, you can also invite others onto your Live. In the description you can add some hashtags to make sure you get more visibility for your Live.

Each day, I see hundreds of Tweets of people asking to see NFT art.. You need to be posting your content in there. Make sure you’re following and adding all the relevant hashtags to your posts.

Discord is where you preach to the converted. Twitter is where you grow and build your audience and sell your stuff. To sell more on Twitter, you need to engage more. You need to stop posting non stop buy my stuff and be more social.

Yes, I know this is tough. Yes, I know this takes time and effort and energy. But that is the price you have to pay. Twitter is a free platform. But you need to put in the effort to reap any benefits.

NFT’s and Twitter chats

You want to grow your NFT and your community. One way is to start a Twitter chat. A twitter chat is basically people following a specific hashtag on a certain time and date.

To start a Twitter chat is super easy. Step 1 is to come up with a suitable specific hashtag. You cant own a hashtag, but you can search Twitter first to see if anyone else is using what you plan to use. You want something short and memorable.

Next, You need a time and day when you are going to start. You need to let everyone know in advance what that is and what the specific hashtag is to follow along and ask questions etc..

Some Twitter chats can have guests who answer questions, can be the host taking questions, but the key is to have some sort of agenda, otherwise it just turns into a chaotic 30mins of everyone tweeting at each other.

Following a Twitter chat can be a bit tricky especially if there’s a lot of people tweeting at the same time. You can of course set up a search column on your favourite place for example, Hootsuite or Tweetdeck.

But, you might want to check out Its been built to deal with Twitter chats. After logging in, you can post, reply and the best bit, pause the stream to answer and look at stuff.

The real benefit of starting a Twitter chat is that its public. Everyone on Twitter can see what you’re saying, people can see the hashtag and the retweets etc.. Your appealing your NFT community to others, surely thats what you want.

Discord is preaching to the converted. Yes, there’s a place for it. Its private. You want to chat about private matters. Thats great. But to grow your community you need something like Twitter and a Twitter chat can be a great use of your time. 30-60 mins of condensed action. Sounds good to me..

How to sell your first tweet as an NFT

Here is your step by step guide to selling your first Tweet as an NFT. It goes without saying that you can of course sell any of your tweets as an NFT. You can create a collection of your best Tweets as NFT’s. Before you zoom off, here are the essential things that you will need.

You will need: Your 1st Tweet as an image, A Digital Wallet, Ethereum as the Crypto curency on that wallet & An NFT marketplace to sell your 1st Tweet NFT.

Step 1. Getting your 1st Tweet. If you go to your Twitter account, it will tell you in your bio when you joined Twitter. I Joined Twitter in April 2008. Now you need to search for your 1st Tweet. You need to use the search bar on Twitter.

Insert into the search bar Your Twitter username. I added from @markshaw. You will get some results. You will also now get a new button called ‘advanced search’ Hit that. You now get a new page. Scroll down to Accounts and ADD Your Twitter name in the ‘From these accounts’ Box

Scroll further down and ADD the from date range and the end date range you want to search on. You have a rough idea when you joined Twitter so make sure that date is within the date range.

Hit search. Boom. You will now get all you Tweets in that date range. You can see your first tweet. Click on it, and take a screen grab of it. You now have your NFT to upload.

Ofcourse you can select different date ranges to find other tweets, you can select phrases to search on, people you tweeted and so on. Congrats. You have now completed Step1.

Step2. You will need a Digital Crypto Wallet. I recommend the Coinbase Wallet (iOS and Android) Its free & Its what I have. Its secure, easy to use & best bit it fully integrates with the NFT market place later on. To create your Wallet wont take long. Its pretty much the ususal set up stuff. Thats step2 Done..

Step3. You now need to get Ether or Ethereum into your Coinbase Wallet. That is the Crypto currency that you will need to do all your NFT stuff. I used Coinbase Its an exchange where you change your ££ or $$$ into Crypto Currency. It has a website Coinbase or an App. I have the App. You will need to set up that account, and connect your Bank Account to the App. It may well take you 15-20 Mins to do this.

Once set up, you go to the Coinbase Exchange and you will exchange your ££ or $$$ into Ethereum. Its easy on the App. Hit the blue button at the bottom with the two arrows on. Then hit the Buy Crypto Tab. Select the Crypto you want to buy (Ethereum) ETH and then Select how much. I would suggest $50 or $100.

Why have I sugested these amounts. Everything you do on a Blockchain will cost you little bits of Crypto. It can add up. It can also add up to keep exchanging your £££ or $$$ for Crypto. So, do it in one go. You may need to confirm with your bank the transaction. Go back to the App, and the ETH or Etherem will now be in your account.

You never ever want to leave Crypto on an exchange. You need to transfer it to your Coinbase Wallet. Go to your Coinbase App, Hit the blue button with the two arrows in again, click on the send Crypto to another wallet button. Next You will need your ETH address. Go to your Coinbase Wallet. Hit Receive, Then Ethereum, then copy n paste the long line of numbers & letters, AND then paste that address into the ‘send to’ address on your Coinbase App.

You will get the Ethereum into your Coinbase Wallet in a few mins. Thats it, your now good to go. You have Your Ethereum, You have your NFT, now you need somewhere to sell it.

Step4. How to sell your NFT. You need to go to Opensea, Its a massive site full of NFT’s for sale & that you can buy. Its where I have my collections of NFT’s. When you go to their site, first thing you will need to do is connect your Coinbase Wallet. Thats super easy, choose the wallet to connect to, choose Coinbase Wallet, ‘Hit the sign’ buton on your phone & your connected.

Next, add a profile, adds more credibility to you and what your selling. Takes a few mins. Now, you need to create a collection. Hit the Tab, add a photo, description, a few bits a pieces and you’re done. It will take a few mins.

You can now add a listing. Choose your 1st Tweet and add it. Give it some blurb, name, category, description. Click on the Properties, and add in each box, when it was minted (thats the current date) more about the nft, what is it? photo, tweet, who took it, etc.. and then create at the bottom.

Now, the very first time you add a listing to Opensea you will have to pay a sort of one off activation fee. I think it was around $7-8. Thats it, after that every time you list something, there is no fee. You only pay 2.5% of the sale price to Opensea when the item sells.

You now have a listing, but you now need to sell it. Hit the sell button. The next stuff is a bit like eBay. Sell at a fixed price, auction, bundle other NFT’s. Add the price, and hit sell. You will need to confirm the lising on your phone. You now have a NFT to sell. You can change the price up or down to suit. You can also add a royalty commission so that if that NFT sells in the future, you get a royalty.

Boom. You now have an NFT to sell. You can of course share the link with you friends, family, and networks. I found the whole experience easy, once you know how. It took me a fair amiunt of time, trial and error to figure all this out. I have bought an NFT and sold an NFT.

When someone buys one of your NFT’s its seamless. You get the ETH or Ethereum desposited straight into your Coinbase Wallet, they get the NFT. You havve zero to do and it costs nothing in extra fees.

I am sure there are a million ways to buy and sell an NFT. There are a ton of different NFT market places to try and a ton of different Digital Crypto Wallets to use. This is what worked for me. I wanted something that was not techie and fairly simple to use.

Having read this guide, you may feel that you want to test things out and buy My First Tweet. Click Here to check it out. And its way less than Jack Dorseys First Tweet NFT

Please note, some of the links are affiliate links. I only recommend sites that I have personally used. It wont affect the price you pay. Cheers Mark