Editing your podcast

When it comes to editing your podcast my only advice is whatever you do, make sure the end result is a Podcast that sounds like a million dollars. Here are a few options you can choose from:

Free: Get yourself Audacity or Garage Band for Macs. Free software for you to edit your Podcasts.  

Descript: 3hrs for Free. Descript You can record, transcribe, edit, mix Podcasts as well as zoom meetings, videos etc.. Descript has some super clever tech to help you make your recordings first class. You edit the audio by editing the text. You can drag & drop music & sound effects, remove words you dont want, add fades, volume editing, get the sound equalised, correct voice recordings by adding the right text. 

Alitu: With the minimum of time & effort, you will have a Podcast that sounds like its been edited by the best of the best. You can add music, intros & outros, fades, theme music, adverts and all done with the minimum of fuss, time and effort. It will also equalise the sound levels and give you the very best sound recording it can. Try Alitu Today, It has a 7 day free trial.

Podblade: If you would rather not have anything to do with the editing process. Then check out PodbladeI have personally used them to edit a show of mine. Fantastic service and edited the show perfectly..