How can you become a great expert radio guest

Being on the radio as an expert guest is way different to perhaps many of the other speaking things that you may do.

There are massive reasons why you should want to be on the radio as an expert guest. Its fantastic for your visibility, gives you more credibility, more exposure and should lead you to get more clients & better paying clients.

Here are some tips on how to be a good radio guest.

Prepare, Most folks who go onto the radio simply try and wing it.

Professional, Sounds obvious but turn up on time & make sure the sound quality is as best as it can be.

Dont waffle or try to pad things out. This is radio you need to get to the point fast.

Dont bother with rambling stories.

Be opinionated. Thats why you’re on the show to give your expert opinion.

Know your topic. Really know your subject matter inside out.

Have a personality. No one wants to listen to a boring Brian or monotone Mike.

Understand who the radio show is aimed at. Understand their audience & what makes them tick

Keep things simple. No time for complex answers or points

Stay focussed on why you’re on the show & what you’re there to talk about.

Listen to the show before hand. Get to know the hosts style.

I’ve done well over 230+ radio interviews. It was the backbone of my marketing plan which got me tons of clients and better paying clients. If you want to learn from someone that gets it, the cost is £95 for a 30 mins session.

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