How I bought a .crypto & .eth domain name

Do you remember the internet of the 1995’s when everyone was snapping up domain names in the hope that maybe they had struck gold and that someone else would want to buy that domain name? Well, I did not know until recently that you can buy .crypto & .eth domain names Plus a whole range of other personal domain names.

The benefit of owning one of these personal domain names is that once registered and configured you can associate your Bitcoin & Ethereum public addresses, you know the huge long line of numbers & letters that you have to copy n paste to others when you want them to send you Crypto and instead give them your personal domain name.

I have markshaws.crypto and markshaw.eth which are both configured to receive Bitcoin or Ethereum. I can simply give that address out to anyone wanting to send me Bitcoin or Ethereum & it will end up in my wallet. But, you can also buy and sell these domain names. It might be a huge land grab for memorable names and then sell them. Who knows?

You can buy .eth domain names from ENS Domains which are another form of NFT. I connected my Coinbase Wallet to ENS Domains website, searched for the name I wanted & then agreed to buy it. Its a 3 step process, register, wait, pay fees, wait some more & bingo you get your .eth domain name I got markshaw.eth You can send me Ethereum or Bitcoin just by using that address. My experience the site was a tad slow. I was confused if it was registering me or not. I hit the reigster button a few times & then had to refresh the page.

It then started working. With anything Crypto I’m always nervous to refresh anything as you never know if you’ll get it back again. Then after getting your .eth name you need to manage your name. You can add your twitter handle, email address and other things. Be warned, best to add all things in one go. Adding them piecemeal will cost for each time you need to register the addition. I have been a master at wasting Crypto by doing it wrong.

Is it worth having a .eth domain name? Who knows. It might be a 1995 domain name land grab. I saw on Opensea you can sell them. There seems to be a large market for personal domain names. You can also get a .crypto & a .wallet domain name. You’ll need to go to Unstoppable Domains to get those.

Again, connect your Coinbase Wallet & its pretty much the same process. Get your domain names with a one off fee paid by debit or credit card or Paypal, then manage that domain name by associating your Bitcoin & Ethereum addresses with that name. You can add a load more Crypto Currencies but be warned each time you add a Crypto address you will need to pay.

ps Please note, some of the links are affiliate links. I only recommend sites that I have personally used. It wont affect the price you pay. Cheers Mark

pps If you want to send me Bitcoin or Ethereum, try using my markshaw.eth or markshaws.crypto as my personal address. Huge thanks.. Mark