How I bought my first NFT

How I bought my 1st NFT. I have to say it was a bit of a stuggle. I made many mistakes & it cost me some money.. not fortunes but wasted Crypto as I got things wrong. There’s no manual for this stuff, Theres no customer care for this stuff.

My first mistake was having the wrong Crypto Currency Wallet. Funnily enough I had two Wallets but both would not work with Opensea  So I had to get a new Crypto Wallet. I got the Coinbase Wallet (iOS and Android) which was fantastic. It Easily integrates with all the Apps and sites that I needed.

Then of course my Crypto Currency was in Bitcoin and in the wrong wallet. So. I had to move it to my Coinbase Wallet and exchange my Bitcoin for Ethereum & I needed to buy some more Ethereum. So, I got the Coinbase App (Its different to the Coinbase Wallet) as it acted as my exchange.

Having bought some Ethereum and then transferred it to my Coinbase Wallet I was good to go. But where do I need to go? I headed to Opensea a massive site with zillions of NFT’s for sale. The best bit, Connecting my Coinbase Wallet to Opensea took seconds & was super easy. I have said, I’m middle aged & non techie. I wanted something that was super easy, super simple, just worked and non techie.

Having connected my Coinbase Wallet to Opensea I was good to go. I found an NFT for sale & hit the buy button. Next I was signing on my Coinbase Wallet to agree to buy the NFT and pay the price. Its worth saying. You need to understand that absolutely everything you do on the Blockchain needs to be registered or verified. That always costs always.

You need to be prepared for extra costs in buying things. Thats the reality of the Blockchain. All this little extra costs can mount up. Moving money from an exchange costs, buying an NFT costs, moving money from one wallet to another costs.. Be aware of that. Within a few mins, the Ethereum had left my Coinbase Wallet and the NFT was in my Coinbase Wallet.

The whole experience was seamless. It was easy because I had made a load of mistakes in getting here. Now that I had the right apps etc. It was super simple.

Please note, some of the links are affiliate links. I only recommend sites that I have personally used. It wont affect the price you pay. Cheers Mark

Here is the NFT that I bought. Shes called Yoyo Squibeep. It cost me $18 plus approx $4.50 in fees.