How I sold my first NFT

I wanted to learn all about the NFT world. So, what better way than to actually create an NFT and then sell one. Thats exactly what I did. You can read in other posts, how I bought my first NFT. You will need a Crypto and NFT digital wallet, Ethereum as the currency a marketplace to sell it on & a piece or pieces of unique art for example.

I used the Coinbase Wallet (Not to be confused with the Coinbase App) I used the Coinbase Wallet as it is simple to use, secure and easily integrates with Opensea which was the market place that I used. Its massive and one of the most popular.

I decided on The Happy Green Bottle NFT. The Happy Green Bottle. Each bottle is over flowing with love, happy thoughts, virtual hugs, good wishes for good health, inspirational messages, inner strength, together with a dash of wisdom. There are a max of 10,000 Happy Green Bottles.

The Happy Green bottle would make a perfect gift for anyone feeling down or that needs some motivating. Instead of having an NFT in your wallet that you rarely look at, anytime you need a dash of good vibes, check out the Happy Green Bottle in your wallet. You never know, it might just be the thing you needed to see.

I drew it myself by hand & then took a photo of it with my phone. I’m now good to go to upload it to Opensea. When I got to Opensea, I needed to connect my wallet to the site. It connects to various different Apps. I chose the Coinbase Wallet. I hit connect, did the ‘sign in’ from my iPhone and I was connected. Easy peasy.

I added a basic profile which literally took 1-2 mins if that. The next step was to create a collection. Name it, add a logo, name and description. Then I added my photo. You dont pay a listing fee on Opensea but you do have to first pay a sort of registration fee to activate your account. You now have an NFT to sell.

I hit the sell button, added the price and what sort of sale. A bit like selling on ebay. And boom, it was available to sell. Later that day, I sold one of my NFT’S. It was super simple. Someone paid the price, the NFT went to them & I got the ETH currency less the Opensea 2.5% commission into my Coinbase Wallet.

Have a look at The Happy Green Bottle NFT Collection.

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