How to build on the success of selling out an nft project

Having a successful nft project sell out is one thing. Continuing and building on that success with a long term sustainable nft project is a totally different ball game & one that I think an awful lot of nft founders, devs & teams are totally unprepared for.

The nft community is incredibly challenging to keep happy. They’re an incredibly fickle crowd, many jump to the next shiny object in a flash, there is little loyalty and you are literally judged over and over on every single announcement you make. So. Here are some tips to help.

Manage their expectations. I believe many of the issues come from your community thinking one thing and you delivering something else. Either in terms of time frame, earnings potentials, future plans, direction of things, unclear in your communications, moving or changing the goalposts, Yes. nothing has to be fixed in the ground, things change, you may need to adapt or pivot that’s cool. But, These things must be communicated effectively and in a timely manner. Remember, for the most part you are starting at the very bottom in terms of trust.

You’re one post away from folks thinking its a rug, a scam, that you’re gonna head off into the sunset with their hard earned money. That part of the reason why its so tough. Everything can be going amazingly well, and then out of no where, someone sees a legitimate eth transfer & boom.

The posts start, you’re stealing the money, Why are you transferring money to yourself or the team. It don’t take long from that for it to totally spiral out of control. 30 mins later and it might well be all over. Total loss of confidence and trust. Next tip.. Run your Discord effectively and properly. You need 24/7 coverage. I’ve personally seen many Discord servers, full of spammers, bullshit, nonsense, as the 1-2 mods are asleep and the founders are not around. It wont take long for total confidence to evaporate.

All your hard work building trust gone in a few hours whilst the spammers run wild. You need to spend the money and have a dedicated, informed and educated mods team looking after your nft project. Next. Don’t give dates and if you do you must must must must deliver on time.. That’s crucial. If you give a date folks will remember that date forever. Its like its been burned into their soul. Yes, things go wrong, this is nft world, IT world, coding world, smart contract world etc.. Developers get sick, things happen. I get that. But your community wont. Remember, they think its a scam.

This will simply pour petrol onto their beliefs. So. If you have a date in mind, add on a few weeks for possible delays & extra testing. Then deliver early if you can.. result will be your community will love you & think you’re a hero. Stop adding tons of extra pressure on yourself.

Next Tip.. Mods are essential, but even more important, your community want to hear from the founder. That’s you. Yes, I know your busy, but you need to be in the thick of it, night and day, answering pretty much the same questions over and over and over. Remember. You’re selling trust and confidence one post at a time.

It will take a consistent long term approach and effort to get that right.. And finally, get an awesome team.. Yes, your mum, girlfriend, boyfriend and aunty might be available, might love you and what your doing, but its probably not going to work with them. You need a team of around 8-10+ folks to look after this and grow your nft business and to keep it long term sustainable. Finally.. This is tough, really tough. Make no bones about it, The real money is what happens after the mint.

That’s where your lie on a beach money can come from. That where your long term pension can come from but it will take massive effort, time, energy and help from others. nft community.