How to get more guest appearances

Being a guest on a Podcast is fantastic for getting you more visibility, more credibility, more exposure which may ultimately lead you to getting more business opportunities. But so many of you are making big mistakes when it comes to getting more guest opportunities. Here’s what you need to be doing

You need to get your own house in order frst. The Podcast host will want to see your social media footprint, blog site, website, speaker reel, other Podcasts that you have been on, books, Youtube channel and anything else that shows you. If most of these are non existant, blank, no profiles, no bios, no information, poor quality, then why would any Podcast Host want you on their show. 

Remember at the end of the show, the Podcast host will ask you “where can people find out more about you” This is your huge chance to get more visibility, more website or blog traffic, more book sales, more speaker opportunities. Few hosts will invite you on with a poor online or non existent online presence. 

Why would you not want a blog or website. Its the place you can all home. Its the place you can grow your own mailing list and write about the topics that interest you. Social media is someone elses playground. If you need a host for your blog, check out Cloudabove or Bluehost.

Listen to their Podcast: This seem super obvious  but so few of you actually take the time to listen to the podcast. You’ve got to listen to it. How can you possibly know if you’re a good fit for the show if you’ve not listened to the odd episode. 

By listening to it you will get an idea of the format, what the topics discussed are, what the host is like, their style, personality and whether or not you would be a good fit. 

By listening as well, it gives you the perfect way to message the host by actually talking about episodes that you’ve listened to. Perhaps you have an alternative or opposing view? Perhaps your book has more info on that topic. It also gives you a chance to hear other guests. If you know some of the other guests, why not ask them to refer you to the host. 

Most of you are too woolly when you are going after hosts. You’re not specific enough with what sort of Podcasts you want to be on. What specific topics can you talk about. The key is to be really specific with what you want to be on & why. What do you bring to the party? Why should you be on their Podcast & more importantly whats in it for their listeners.

All the Podcast host cares about is their listeners. They dont care about your book or speaking career. How will you make their show better? How will you make more people want to listen to that show? Can you give advice that their listeners can implement immediately after listening to their show. 

Stop messaging hosts that you have no clue if you’re a good fit, done no research on them, not listened to their shows, dont know if the topics of your expertise are a good match. You simply make yourself look stupid & desparate.

As I mentioned earlier, most Podcast Hosts will want evidence of your expertise. They will want to see your books, speaking gigs, blog or website, social media footprint, Youtube channel and so on. You should be showing this off to the max. Give them links to all the relevant things. Make it easy for them to find info on you.  

How about having a dedicated page on your blog or website? How about having a 1-pager specifically talking and highlighting your achievements & why you’re a top guest to have on. Tons of folks want to be guests, Its time to up your game in terms of marketing yourself. 

The equipment you use. If you have gone out and bought a microphone & podcasting equipment I would tell the host. Its not essential you buy anything as long as you remember Podcasting is all about the sound. Few will want to have you as a guest if the sound quality is poor. If you’ve bought equipment it tells the host that your more than just a hobbyist. If you have not and want to sound more like a pro here’s a few Microphones that are highly recommended

Here’s an idea: Record a 2-3min audio clip of you. Add it to say which are both free or just on your mobile phone. Tell Hosts on that audio clip, why you want to be on their show, what you bring to the party, your expertise, what in it for them & their listeners. This audio does 2 things. It answers all the hosts questions & lets them hear you. You can then email them the file or give them the link to listen to it. 

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