How to get radio interviews

Being an expert guest on the radio can be fantastic for getting you more exposure, more visbility, more credibility which should lead to more clients and better paying clients.

Here are some top tips on how to get radio interviews & how to get the most from them.

You need to be available often at short notice.

You need to take radio interviews seriously

You need to thoroughly prepare

You need be very opinionated about your expertise

You need to make your points fast & without waffling

You need to have a personality

You need to understand how radio differs from other things

You need to avoid many of the common mistakes.

You need to learn how to max the interview process.

Being a regular on the radio as an expert will be great for you. Yes, you may only be on the show for a few minutes but in terms of separating you from your competition and giving you masses of credibility its priceless.

I’ve done well over 230+ radio interviews.. I get it, and after spending £95 for a 30min session with me, you’ll get it too.

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