How to get that call to be an expert guest on the radio

Here’s how to get that call from Radio, TV & Newspapers as a subject matter expert when a story breaks. This can be great for more visibility, credibility & exposure

Over the years, I’ve done over 230+ radio & tv interviews. It was the backbone of my marketing. It helped me to get more clients, better paying clients & more business leads & opportunities.

There are several key things you need to be doing. You need to have a strong focussed niche, you need to be highly opinionated about that niche. You need to be posting, blogging & commenting on that topic.

You need to become known as a go to person on that topic. This takes longevity, patience & consistency of message. But you also need to have your own set of views & opinions. If you’re claiming you’re an expert, then you need to act like it.