How to sell more of your NFT’s and get more money

I use Opensea to buy and sell NFT’s. Its a huge marketplace full of NFT’s for sale and that you can buy. When you add your NFT for sale, one of the boxes you get is the Unlockable Content box. This box is super interesting and may well be a way that you can up your chances of selling your NFT & making more money from your NFT’s

Unlockable content is only content that the buyer of your NFT will get to see. This gives you the chance to really up your game & distinguish your NFT from thousands of others.

You can use this box to add all sorts of things. Only someone who has just bought your NFT will see it. You could offer to give buyers a free print, an article on how you made the artwork, links to your site, social media stuff, link to where a high res version of the file is stored. I use a free service called Pinata to host this file. You need to grab the url of the file and the CID number of the file and add them into the Unlockable content box. Also, it could be a special code to access an event, a code for an online community, a special bonus of some sort.

In my mind, the NFT’s that are super succesful seem to have one thing in common. They’re not just selling a digital piece of art. They’re selling access to a tribe, a community of likeminded others. A way for others to find others with similar interests. A way to bring the virtual digital world into the real life world.

Unlockable content gives you that ability. To add links, codes, special things in there that offer the buyer extra to just buying an NFT. Things that only buyers of your stuff get. This may well help you to sell more NFT’s and get better prices as well.