Mark Shaw Brainstorm.

Having recently been the adviser on two sell out NFT projects, Broadcasters NFT’s and Ethaliens NFT’s I thought I would offer new projects the opportunity to hire me by the hour or even half hour.

You just want some frank & honest feedback on your project, ideas, advice, tips, guidance and thoughts on how you can sell more of your NFT’s, advice, tips and ideas on how to set your Discord channel up, advice and info on how to avoid your NFT being classed as a security. You’re not getting the results you want and just want some quick ideas that you can action immediately to start getting some results.

You can book me for 30Mins for $97. You can pay via PayPal. OR You can book me for 60Mins for $195. You can pay via Paypal. Make sure you select $$ Dollars as your currency OR you can pay me in Ethereum Please send the payment to markshaw.eth You will also need to DM me on Twitter @markshaw as I will need to know who has sent me the money. I expect these will take place over Zoom or Discord.

Not sure about me? You can watch my collection of NFT & Twitter videos all aimed at helping NFT artists and project founders sell more NFT’s. Click here to have a watch.