Mark Shaw Brainstorm.

I offer two types of Brainstorming. I went from a complete nobody to one of the UK’s leading authorities on Twitter with zero money. How did I do that? What steps did I take? What key decisions did I make? Thats what this brainstorm is all about. Its not about Twitter as such as its relevant to you and any business.

I want to help you by fast tracking you to the right info. What worked for me. Don’t make the same mistakes I made. You have an idea, you want to get started but not sure what to do, how to start, you have limited funds and dont know what to do first.

Thats where I come in. I’ll fast track you to the best advice I can give you. I know exactly where you are as I have been there too. I won’t suggest things that you can’t do or afford. I will give you actionable advice but more importantly straight up and frank advice.

Twitter brainstorming. You just want some ideas, advice, tips, guidance and thoughts on how you can get more from Twitter. You’re not getting the results you want from Twitter and just want some quick ideas that you can action immediately to start getting some results.

You can book me for 30Mins for $97. You can pay via PayPal. Make sure you select $$ Dollars as your currency OR you can pay me in Ethereum 0.0509 Please send the payment to markshaw.eth You will also need to DM me on Twitter @markshaw as I will need to know who has sent me the money. I expect these will take place over Zoom.