Mike Tyson buys a CoolCats NFT

Mike Tyson buys a CoolCats NFT

I know right how crazy is that? Who else has a CoolCats NFT.. Err that will be me…Boom.. NFT’s used to be for the nerds, geeks, Techies.. Its not any more. Its seriously starting to get motoring. Ok.. Mark so what.. What does that mean for me?

It means there is now a huge and growinig marketplace for you to potentially sell your creative stuff or buy stuff and make a few quid (maybe things go down as well)

Its still earlyish days. Who remembers the internet of 1995? Or Twitter in 2008? exactly.. You like me may have sat there & thought what a load of tosh this is. What possible use would I have for using this.

But then something happened, you thought.. I’ll check it out and learn about it.. to make an informed decision..

I’ve saved you a ton of time, learning & getting it all wrong & best bit.. its 100% FREE & Written in a way that your grandma would understand it. You will learn how to buy your first NFT, sell your first NFT and ideas on how to sell more of your NFT’s.. all easy peasy & super simple..

What are you waiting for? Download it today