My 1st radio interview as an expert guest could have been a total disaster.

My 1st radio interview as an expert guest could have been a total disaster..

It was 2008/09 I think.. A researcher from the BBC world series called me. They wanted a Twitter expert to come on the show & talk about the recent phishing scam going round Twitter.

Phishing is when you think you’re on your banks website for example but really you’re on I’m about to rip you off dot com

I was fully up to speed on all things Twitter & after a few mins with the researcher she agreed I was the man for the job.. It was at BBC hq in Aldwych (not there anymore)

I spent hours preparing like crazy. This coud be massive for my career. Prepare, prepare, prepare.

I got to the station, waited for the green light to come on, went into the recording studio, the presenter gave a thumbs up, the red light came on.

Remember, I’m there to talk about phishing scams on Twitter. The presenter looked at me & said ” Mark. What do you think of the Dalai lama joining Twitter”?

OMG, live radio, this was not what I was hear to talk about. Fast as a speeding arrow I replied ” Him joining Twitter was great, it shows its gone mainstream, but i’m here to talk about the phishing scams going through Twitter”

Boom. He looked at me & asked me about that..

Interview saved.