NFT’s and Twitter chats

You want to grow your NFT and your community. One way is to start a Twitter chat. A twitter chat is basically people following a specific hashtag on a certain time and date.

To start a Twitter chat is super easy. Step 1 is to come up with a suitable specific hashtag. You cant own a hashtag, but you can search Twitter first to see if anyone else is using what you plan to use. You want something short and memorable.

Next, You need a time and day when you are going to start. You need to let everyone know in advance what that is and what the specific hashtag is to follow along and ask questions etc..

Some Twitter chats can have guests who answer questions, can be the host taking questions, but the key is to have some sort of agenda, otherwise it just turns into a chaotic 30mins of everyone tweeting at each other.

Following a Twitter chat can be a bit tricky especially if there’s a lot of people tweeting at the same time. You can of course set up a search column on your favourite place for example, Hootsuite or Tweetdeck.

But, you might want to check out Its been built to deal with Twitter chats. After logging in, you can post, reply and the best bit, pause the stream to answer and look at stuff.

The real benefit of starting a Twitter chat is that its public. Everyone on Twitter can see what you’re saying, people can see the hashtag and the retweets etc.. Your appealing your NFT community to others, surely thats what you want.

Discord is preaching to the converted. Yes, there’s a place for it. Its private. You want to chat about private matters. Thats great. But to grow your community you need something like Twitter and a Twitter chat can be a great use of your time. 30-60 mins of condensed action. Sounds good to me..