One massive thing you need to do to get more expert radio guest interviews.

Wanna get more speaking opportunities, Wanna get more opportunities to appear as an expert radio show guest? Wanna get more opportunities from journalists? Wanna get more opportunities from Podcast hosts? Wanna separate yourself from much of your competitors?

Then…..Get highly opinionated.

I’m not talking about giving your opinion on silly things.. You know, red or brown sauce on a bacon roll..(brown sauce all day long) I’m talking about being highly opinionated on all things surrounding your area of expertise.

Over the years I have given hundreds of talks, done well over 230+ radio shows as a guest host & bucket loads of being a guest on Podcasts. My main strategy for getting so many opportunities was being highly opinionated.

Far too many of you play it safe, you want to appeal to everyone, you dont want to commit to a view as you may upset some. Appealing to everyone, you’re actually appealing to no one.

You need to be blogging, writing posts, commenting on other peoples posts, doing videos & Podcasts but you must be highly opinionated.

It does not matter whether your opinion is right or wrong. Its your opinion. But its what draws people your way, its what separates you from the crowd & it makes people want to hire you.