Podcast Hosts: Why you’re losing listeners

You’ve spent ages recording and posting your Podcast. Its cost you time, effort and a lot of thought but you’re not getting listeners and when you do, they either leave pretty quickly or simply never ever return. 

Poor sound quality. This is a podcast. You have to have the very best sound quality you can. Recording in a noisey environment, sound levels that are continuously going up & down, guests that you can barely hear, strange noises, heavy breathing, mouth noises, mistakes not edited out, all make you sound like amateur hour and are costing you listeners.

My advice is simple, get the sound quailty as best you can whilst recording and that will save you hours in time, effort & money trying to get it edited to a professional standard. It will also give you the very best chances of getting & keeping listeners. 

Sound like a Pro here are some highly recommended Microphones from the Spotaguest members that wont break your bank & will make you sound like a real Professional.

Editing Your Podcast: Whatever you decide to do regarding editing, make sure your Podcast sounds like a million dollars at the end. Here is a post with some top products & services to edit your podcast.

Long Distance Recording: If you’re interviewing guests not in the same place as you,you can use Zoom or Skype, but they’re not really designed to give you the very best audio quality. Editing your show will be so much easier if you get the very best sound to start with. I suggest you try Zencastr or Squadcast.

Another huge reason to lose Listeners is their ability to listen to your episodes. Its crucial you choose a Podcast Host that can deliver the levels of downloads that you need. Listeners wont bother with your Podcast no matter how great it is, how well its edited if they cant download it due to poor hosting.

Host Your Podcast: I use Buzzsprout I was referred to them and had both my Podcasts with them. If you’re looking for a simple to use Podcast Host that make its super simple to start your Podcast & gives you all the tools you need to distribute it, then Buzzsprout comes highly recommended. 

Following this link let’s Buzzsprout know we sent you, gets you a $20 Amazon gift card if you sign up for a paid plan. 

Other Reasons you’re losing listeners include, you dont keep to a specific topic which is why you’re listeners tuned into hear you, you waflle too much, too much talking over guests, too much random nonsense, your show is purely a rant & you’re really not that interested in your listeners, episodes are way too long, you overly script the show, too much time wasted in ads and talking about your day and inconsistent when you release episodes.

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