The 1 huge mistake people make when going on the radio as an expert guest

Over the years I have done well over 230+ Radio & TV interviews. It was fantastic for my career.

If you’re looking for a cheap way to massively move you up the credibility stakes, then being a regular radio show guest is definitely one you should consider.

Being on the radio will challenge you & will benefit you. You will need to learn new ways of explaining things, new ways of answering questions, along with some major do’s and dont’s.

The biggest mistake most of you will make is expecting the show host to be fully up to speed on why you’re on the show.

You’ve been interviewed by a researcher. They want to make sure you are an expert on a specific topic. They will discuss with you the topic the show is on.

And then you get on the actual show, the host literally knows your name and what the next few minutes of the show is about. Thats it. The host can then take you down all sorts of roads & paths that you’re not prepared for.

The mistake is to think the host knows what the topic is all about.

You’re now live on the radio and being taken down roads & paths that you’re not prepared for. There’s no time to look things up.

This is when things can go badly wrong. Your job is to get it back on track. Get it back to what you know, what your expertise is on & why you think you’re on the show.

Being a regular on radio shows can and should be great in terms of getting you more visibility, more credibility and more exposure. It will get you better quality of clients. But there are lessons you need to learn to get the most from the experience.