Tips and advice for nft artists starting out.

Stop with the idea of being anonymous.. Who you are, your story, your background, are all massively important to distinguish you from everyone else.. Share, you, where you live, how you work, what difference selling your work can make to your & your family.

Twitter is your very best friend. But You cant just show up & shout buy my stuff. You have to learn the rules of engagement. It takes, time, effort, patience, consistency, having a strong niche, being consistent, being social, helping & supporting others.

Don’t look for magic potions, secret formulas, fast tracks to success, no matter what others tell you, they don’t exist. It takes hard work to get Twitter working for you. But it will become your greatest marketing tool ever if done well.

On Twitter, add an appealing bio, something that helps you to stand out, add links to your Opensea account, blog, website, etc. Look as though you’re open for business. Start tweeting, you need to be active. 3-5 tweets/ day plus the all important replies to everyone.

Add video of how you prepare your work, what’s your inspiration, share the before and afters, what effort goes into your art, where you work, how you work, why you work.. remember.. stories sell nfts, background info on you helps create a narrative that folks buy into.

Twitter also has spaces, a place where you can do a AMA or you can join others to be a part of the community. You need to get involved, immerse yourself into the community, Yes.. This takes time, effort & energy… that’s what makes the difference.

Follow others on Twitter and respond to them, get to know others, Don’t try and go from stranger to sale in 1 tweet, never gonna happen. be social, be interesting and be interested in others. Be consistent with this approach. Try and find 5-10 folks to reply to every day.

Create your 1st collection. Keep it small, say 20-50 pieces. Price it for very very little. The key is to start to get others to see your work, no.. you wont get rich from this collection.. its the start. The aim is to create your first 50 clients / ambassadors who love you.

If nothing is selling, ask yourself why? Have you got a clear identity? Who is your ideal client? Why would anyone buy your work? How do you want to make others feel when they buy your work? What emotions in your buyers are you hoping to get?

Test, trial and measure. If it ain’t working, try something new, something fresh, something different. Its about learning, continually learning, adapting, reviewing, refreshing and trying again.

Social media is a crowded place. Everyone wants your attention. That’s why its so difficult to get attention. The ones that are successful, spend their time, are consistently here, posting no matter what. Post and ask questions, ask how are others doing, ask for opinions.

Remember, be social. No one is interested in you, no one cares about you.. they only care about themselves. So, you have to care about them, invite them to chat, invite them to reply, reply to their posts, be helpful, retweet and share others, refer and help others.

Look to collaborate with others. Who else can you work with, where you both can benefit. Its tough on your own, its tough to keep going, find others to work and collaborate with.

Use hashtags. the popular ones on the topic that interest you and are relevant to your posts. Yes, you want to get the attention of the so called influencers, but merely replying to their posts in a similar way to the thousands of others, wont cut it.. be bold, be different.

Once you start to get some clients, keep in touch with them, remember stay social, they can and should be your greatest advocates. If you’ve sold 50, then your next collection can may be say 250.. slightly higher price maybe. Learn from what worked & repeat the formula.

I personally believe 2022 is the year that the small nft artists can really shine. But it takes time, effort, energy, patience and consistency. You can get there, not necessarily from your 1st try, it may be your 5th try.. Stick with it, nft’s are definitely here to stay.