Top tips to pitching radio shows to be an expert guest

Being an expert guest on radio show can be fantastic for getting you more visibility, more credibility, more exposure which should lead to you getting more clients & better paying clients.

I should know as being an expert on radio shows was the backbone of my marketing plan. It got me tons more clients & better paying clients.

Here are some tips on how to pitch a radio show to be an expert guest:

Biggest mistake is to pitch, tweet, message the shows hosts.. You need to make contact with the shows researchers or producers.

Listen to the show. Understand the format of the show, the style of the presenter & the audience.

Like radio get to your points fast, no waffle, padding or long stories. Why are you a perfect person to be a guest

Tell them you understand radio & how it works

Tell them you’re highly opinionated on your topic of expertise

List other radio interviews you’ve done.

Tell them why you have different thoughts on a particular topic.

Explain how their listeners will benefit from your tips, solutions, ideas & opinions

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