What are the real benefits of being an expert guest on the radio

You can do the interview at home – coolio

You can demonstrate your knowledge & expertise to a large audience – great.

Its free – thats nice.

But the real benefits are when you really understand the value of being doing a load of radio interviews as a guest expert.

The real benefit comes from how you are now perceived by potential customers and clients.

You can differentiate yourselves from your competitors and potential clients who will now see you in a totally different light.

You can position yourself as a go to expert by the media. This will allow you to charge higher fees & to get better quality clients.

I should know, its exactly what happened to me. Over the years I did well over 230+ radio interviews as an expert guest. It formed the backbone of my marketing.

The result is that it got me far more clients and more importantly better paying clients. I had tons of visibility, tons of exposure and tons of credibility.

If you want to get the max from being an expert guest on the radio, all it takes is £95 and one 30Min session with me. I’ll explain all the major do’s & dont’s, common mistakes to avoid, ideas to get more gigs & how to max the interviews.

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