Whats the cost to sell an NFT

What are the costs to sell an NFT? I recently sold an NFT. Here are the costs that I had to pay. I used Opensea which is a massive marketplace where you can buy and sell NFT’s. When you open an account there you will pay a one off registration or activation fee.

I paid around $7-8 for my account to be activated. You can then list and sell as many items as you like without paying any more fees (depending on how you sell your item) Its worth saying that fees can literally change from one minute to the next. They depend on how busy or not busy the miners are in verifying the transactions on the Blockchain.

When I sold my item, I had it as a fixed price item. I then paid the 2.5% commission to Opensea. No other fees. According to their website. Buyers pay the fees when they are selling a fixed price item. I recently bought an NFT. I paid around $4-$5 for that transaction. Sellers pay the fees when they’re accepting offers.

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