When it comes to being on the radio as an expert guest, most folk simply dont get it.

You’re on for a few minutes and thats it. But when you truly understand the power of being on the radio as an expert guest, you’ll want to do hundreds..

You can often do a radio interview whilst in your underpants in your own home.. not the biggest reason but its coolio. You’ll get tons of extra exposure, visibility & credibility. Again not the main reason but a goodie..

The main reason is what it does for the mind of your clients and customers. You’re an expert guest on the radio, you must be awesome, you must be the go to person on that topic, you must be highly sort after..

You dont need to sell yourself, you dont need to compete on price, you have all the credibility you need. You’ll get more clients and better paying clients.

Thats why its really worth getting on the radio as an expert guest as much as you can.

If I can help you get more radio interviews as an expert guest, help you get more from the interviews, help you with a strategy to get more interviews, help you avoid the common mistakes, tell you the major do’s and dont’s DM me.

Its £95 for a 30mins session. I’ve done well over 230+ radio interviews as an expert guest. Learn from the very best.

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