Why bother being on the radio as an expert guest

Most of you dont get it. When it comes to being on the radio as a subject matter expert, sadly most of you dont understand why you should bother

Let me explain because when you do understand the power of being on the radio as an expert guest, you’ll want to do hundreds of interviews.

Radio interviews are FREE to do.. Thats gotta be good

You can do radio interviews whilst in your underpants in your home. Not the biggest reason but its cool

You’ll get tonnes of extra exposure, visibility & credibility. Again, not the main reason, but a goodie.

The main reason is what it does for you in the mind of your clients & potential customers. You’re an expert guest on the radio, you must be awesome, you must be a go to subject matter expert, you must be highly sought after

You dont need to sell yourself, you dont need to compete on price, you have all the credibility you need. The result should be more clients & better paying clients

I should know, I’ve done well over 230+ radio interviews. It was the backbone of my marketing. It got me tonnes of clients, better paying clients, more business leads & opportunities

Dont miss out, there are other subject matter experts who are getting the calls from Radio, TV & Journalists for expert opinion and views. That could be you